Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading Instructional Strategy Community of Practice

I have outlined in this concept web my plan to develop a community of practice in the area of reading instruction at www.ning.com. This free web tool should allow the teachers, who for the purpose of this concept web are referred to as students, share their knowledge and seek out new instructional strategies from their co-workers. I am hoping that this tool will allow the teachers to group instructional strategies according to different instructional areas, such as fluency, vocabulary, cause and effect, etc. If we are able to group our ideas in this way, this online database should be manageable and easy for the teachers to use when planning for a specific instructional need in their classroom. I also think that this will encourage teachers to share their wealth of experience and learn from each other. I am also hoping that by using this tool to share with individuals in our immediate community, teachers may be encouraged to travel the digital "world" and bring ideas back to share.

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Megan Fritz said...

This sounds fun, Susan! You'll be amazed at how quickly this will grow for you. As I read your concept map, I thought that it would be neat to have teachers create podcasts "modeling" instructional practices. They too can be posted to the Ning.