Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Learning Experience for Students - My Plan

For the purpose of my student's learning experience, I am planning on using Voicethread. This tool is one piece of my overall plan for their learning experience. I have created this graphic organizer using to share the learning experience I have created for my students.


Megan Fritz said...

Do you have easy access to a scanner? I really like when students' original artwork is used; however, this always seems to be a "turn off" to my teachers when I present it to them. How will you manage this step (the scanning)? Did you see that you can draw within voicethread as well? But again, nothing beats the kids' original artwork!!

Susan Martin said...

Actually, due to the nature of my job I have a scanner in my room. Also, since I work with small groups this is much easier.

I agree that scanning is often a turn-off to teachers. I have tried to really encourage teachers to use my scanner and have even scanned in some materials for them and then just placed them in the public fileserver. It would be nice if everyone had one, though!